Miễn phí vận chuyển với đơn hàng trên 300K

iPega cẩn thận với hàng FAKE hàng Nhái

iPega cẩn thận với hàng FAKE hàng Nhái

Thông tin được cập nhật từ trang web iPega.hk

Các thông tin về hàng nhái được trang iPega đưa ra nhầm cảnh  báo người dùng trước khi mua.

iPega chính hãng lúc nào cũng có logo trên sản phẩm

A statement on the crackdown on the fake ipega game handle

Recently, we have received complaints from customers and dealers that feedback on the appearance and packaging of series controller products such as Pg-9023 of counterfeit ipega. In front of the user, they describe this is ipega's neutral product (not with logo products), causing ipega users to experience a very poor experience in playing games, but also caused by dealers to think this is ipega product, a large number of counterfeit and inferior products returned to our company, causing extremely negative impact on the ipega brand.

To make dealers more assured, let the user experience better, every gamepad of Ipega have our patent protection and security authentication! The most obvious way to identify is that each product has Ipega logo and the outer package has anti-counterfeit labels and product numbers. In order to save costs to make more profits, Counterfeit products use inferior materials leading to fail to achieve safety certification for products.

In order to make more players and dealers not be cheated, please follow the following methods to identify fake controller and real ipega controller.

ipega gamepad FAKE, WE DON’T WANT

Each gampad of Ipega will have "ipega" logo, while fake controller are not "ipega" logo, please be careful when buying.

ipega gamepad product

ipega gamepad product

ipega gamepad Packing box

ipega gamepad Packing

「Packing box」

Each ipega controller has an anti-fake label on the front of the outer package, and the label faces the light to see the "ipega" logo and the way to identify the true or false. And the product number of the "PG" on the back of each product is marked on the back of the package. Fake gamepad do not have anti-fake tags and product numbers.

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